Lenoir-Thomas shell-fish farmers in Normandy

When Richard Lenoir, an oyster farmer in Blainvile sur Mer in Normandy met François Thomas in 1989 they created SARL LENOIR-THOMAS with François looking after sales and marketing. In 2005, Alban Lenoir joinded the company and developed shell-fish farming in the zones just off the Chausey Island (oysters, mussels, clams and other shellfish)

From the beginning, the main customer base consisting of fishmongers, restaurants, brasseries and oyster stands were contacted to favour a direct contact with the consumers via a traditional sales model.

All the products grow in areas situated in the public domaines off the west coast of the Manche département (county) and just off Chausey Island which is a protected site (health zone A)

Îles Chausey



360 ° by 180 ° panoramas of the Chausey Islands

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